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L'Amie de la santé is the store par excellence for those looking for natural health products, healthy and organic foods and gift items. Over the past few decades, natural health and healthy eating have become increasingly popular topics for a growing number of people aware of alternative approaches to health and nutrition. L'Amie de la santé has had an unparalleled reputation since its creation almost 38 years ago, both for the quality of its advice and customer service and the wide choice of quality products offered at competitive prices. L'Amie de la santé has undergone significant expansion over the years including the creation of a gifts section and a natural health counselors department.


L'Amie de la santé "is more than just a shop ... it's a place of knowledge," says Steven Golden, owner of L'Amie de la santé. Mr. Golden and his team attach great importance not only to the size of the inventory, but also to providing personalized advice to all their customers. Over the years, customers continue to come to stock up on supplements and various rigorously selected natural health products, without chemical preservatives, additives, colouring or artificial flavours.  


L'Amie de la santé is proud to have a dynamic, informed, warm and passionate team of natural health associates and to offer the highest quality products, which are all approved by Health Canada. The good reputation of the advice offered stems from the quality of the staff recognized for their vast knowledge in naturopathy, herbal medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and healthy eating. It is not surprising that L'Amie de la santé now has a loyal and well-informed clientele on the lookout for new developments.


In addition to being unparalleled in the Hawkesbury region, L’Amie de la santé attracts clients from western Montreal, the lower Laurentians, Lanaudière and eastern Ontario to Ottawa and Cornwall. It has often been said that L’Amie de la santé exudes health, serenity and well-being. We are proud to support the population of the entire region towards wellness and to encourage the local economy.


We invite you to come and discover the store and take the time you need for a great experience!

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L'Amie de la santé

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